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Custom orthotics: Don’t be fooled by other “custom” orthotics sold at big box stores these are not medical corrective orthotics!! Medical corrective orthotics require a medical professional to evaluate the foot and correct the misalignment with the orthotic.

The foot is evaluated in weight bearing and non-weight bearing and the correction is made by determining how close to medical neutral the patient can feel comfortable in wearing. With traditional casting or foam, the correction is determined by the therapist with positioning of the foot when making the impressions. The orthotic itself is generally made of molded plastic with or without a foam covering. The orthotic can be made to fit a dress shoe or an athletic/work shoe. These orthotics generally last around 5 years depending on use. Insurance often covers custom orthotics but we do offer a cash pay option as well.

Over the counter orthotics: These orthotics come in full length, mid-length and narrow fit depending on your needs. These orthotics while not as rigid as our custom orthotics offer good support at a reasonable price.

Orthaheel sandals: These flip flop style sandals are a nice way to keep your arches supported and your feet cool.

Common conditions orthotics can help include: plantar fasciitis, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, foot and ankle pain.